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How planning a project works
How planning a project works

5. List of Services

In order to reliably prepare the building of outdoor grounds, the entire construction process is defined in a List of Services (LV). Here, all services are professionally described and divided up into clear units (positions), which in turn enables the builder to present a binding calculation for them. As a rule, each LV position is confined to the DIN-standard use of a single building material or definable work step so that it is possible at the same time to determine exact amounts. In addition, a professional LV structure also takes into consideration that in the event of short-term changes, certain materials and their modes of processing may still be combined with one another. During the building process, this then ensures a relatively high degree of flexibility while the prices nevertheless remain fixed. The list of services is the main component of the building contract, and thus guarantees ultimate clarity for all questions regarding the quality of the execution or construction invoicing. Only a detailed and complete list of services makes it possible for you to be sure of the costs for your building project.


6. Construction Supervision

Any idea is only as good as its realization. Besides convincing designs and long-year gardening experience, I offer you my broad range of experience as an engineer with respect to reliable construction supervision and cost controlling. Thus, I implement even highly complex projects while sticking to agreed-upon budget terms. Beautiful private gardens are intensely detailed building projects, in which various trades interact. As this happens, numerous technical guidelines and norms must be brought into harmony with all garden demands. By choosing suitable craftsmen and because of my pro-active construction supervision, I ensure a professional and punctual realization of the work. With clearly defined standards for construction invoicing, I see to it that this is kept transparent in a way that is also understandable in lay terms at all times.


7. Quality and Service

Planning and building a garden is a matter that requires particular confidence and trust, since a garden needs a period of development that clearly extends past the time of the actual conclusion of the construction works. As your independent trustee, I guarantee to you a solid garden quality, which will cause you greatest joy even after decades. Likewise, I save you from possible disadvantages in terms of costs during the actual phase of construction. In this way, you receive your dream garden in the most cost-efficient way. Discretion, transparency, and a reliable customer service are a given for me.